Tutorial on shooting with awp for noobs

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Tutorial on shooting with awp for noobs

Postby neHcuoHep_OTMOPO3OK » Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:28 pm

Hello everybody who remembers me.
My old profile: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=473

Finally I have free time to teach some players, who are offended that I kill his, shoot with awp fast zoom, having only two hands. I’m facing a problem, I am given a ban on servers with suspicion of cheating almost every day. But in this topic I show couple of demo with game and you see that I play. (About this later…)
Now I want to share information.

First things first- You do not just run and stupidly shoot, Must be the presence of BRAINS. Tactical thinking. Team interaction.

Second things second - Device. They should instantly and very accurately carry out all the movements of your hand. Professional players put sensitivity at a minimum for more accurate shooting (I have sens. 0.1). Respectively with a mouse on the rug, you have to drive more. This requires a large mat… (my device/mat: https://postimg.org/image/fpjnu90rd/ )
Sometimes, to achieve the goal with lightning speed, You have to abruptly pull the mouse. The laser on cheap mice can not cope with this speed and will crash.
How a laser works for example the paint:
(check your mouse, offended noob)

Third things third - How to hold and move the mouse.
Many wrongly do, embrace it completely and use only the paintbrush to fire.
The secret of jewelry shooting - It is necessary to actively use fingers hands.
That there was such an opportunity, You should have your fingers. Haaa :D

Last things last - Agility.
With time, training shooting skill, pressing quickly first the right (zoom) and then the left (shot), You will lead to its automatism.
It happens so fast that the servers do not have time to upload the sight (zoom) And from the outside it looks like shooting without a sight (zoom)
(In details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSl15sDzCL4)

To sum up:
I fell in love with awp in 2002, I studied in the 5th grade and we with my friends played in Counter-Strike 1.5
15 years have passed, What do you think? Did I make it to automatism my shoot with awp?

Do you think I'm sitting, worrying and waiting unban?
I play in top200 servers steam, where do not sell VIP/admin privileges to schoolchildren, like you. I like this server as CSDM. I and my friend go sometimes here practice shooting and have fun.

You banned people just because you do not know how to play and angry.
Look, hundreds of thousands of people shoot with awp fast zoom. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS:
Example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frh8mTjbnyk
Only they learned to shoot fast zoom, and you only learned how to cry.

If this server still has adequate Admins, I ask you to reconsider this decision:
Since it was rendered inadequate and incompetent person with admin privileges.
And do not disgrace your good server, throw it out to the “чёртовой бабушке”

(ps)Dem. :
Хороший удар в голову - это как Рафаэлло. Вместо тысячи слов...
(Good hit in head - it is like Rafaello. Instead of a thousand words...)


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